[Updates] Ver 1.6.2 Balance Updates Notes


Ver.1.6.2 balance update is coming up.
Please check down below for more details. 

1. We have changed the following skills aim at allies before enemies or minions.
   So heroes don't waste their skills for unnecessary targets, 

– Claire: Healing Space
– Scarlet: Tag, You're It
– Aaren: Light Curtain / Fairy's Gift
– Yeonhwa: Guardian Tree's Love
– Dice: All-in / Good Luck! Buddy / Shoot-n-Roll
– YeryungSuhwa: The one stroke of a brush
– LeeJiyeon: Healing Sanctuary / Healing Dance

2. Modified some of the heroes' skill motions that have had gaps after using the skills.
– AhkChungwang : Cleaving Spirit Sword
– Iri : Fierce Spear
– Occasio : (While Void Personification activated) Void Energy, Perfect Dimensional Gate

3. Fixed some heroes' skills that were inconvenient to use or rather dangerous after using the skill.
– MaSeolin
: <Fox Bead> can pass through the obstacles now.
: Rush toward the Fox Bead with <Netherworld Steps>, you can use the skill one more time to move back.

– Dice
: The damage given to the enemy with <Shoot-n-Roll> has been removed, and the dice is thrown to recover around the target point.
: When <Good Luck! Buddy> is used, the dice doesn't move, but the effect is activated in the target range, and his movement speed is increased for a while. And also now this skill gives damage to enemies.

– Isha
: After using the skill <Morbid Dance> and <Mark of Assassination>, you can use the additional feature immediately by touching the skill button. 
: The first & second phase of <Morbid Dance> and second phase of <Mark of Assassination> are giving additional damage to marked enemies. 
: The Chakram of <Serial> increases the speed at the first firing and increases the maximum number of bounces from 5 to 9.

– LeeJiyeon
: <Healing Sanctuary> only can be canceled after starting motion is all finished. So it doesn't accidentally cancel by touching the button repeatedly. 

– Jango
: For preventing the situation players saving the skills for collecting stacks, the maximum number of stacks of <Threatening Strike> reduces to 3 from 5 and additional given damage increases to 50% from 30%

– PaengGeumbo
: AI has been changed to not to avoid an attack warning if it has sufficient strength during its ultimate skill is activating.

– Occasio
: When using <Perfect Dimensional Gate (While Void Personification is activated)>, the hero moves to a slightly retreated position instead of overlapping the enemies.
: The speed of <Void Energy> projectile increases. 

4. We removed the cooldown time of some exclusive weapons that were out of timing due to the reduction of cooldown time effect.
– Aqua, Markon, Reinhardt, MaSeolin

5. The Balance of Dungeon Raids is Changed
– Dungeon Papa Chulong

: When the player plays in full-auto mode, The position of the box and the timing of the cannon shooting are modified so that heroes don't move around unnecessarily. 
: The cannon created after the player kills a knight chulong in the boss battle zone will be removed.

– Dungeon Naga
: The composition of the monsters that were created in the boss battle zone is changed.
: The magic eye pearl clams in boss battle area are removed.
: The timing and the number of thunder poles are changed.

– Dungeon Desert Blade
: Reduced the distance pushed by bosses, drill traps and hoop traps in Desert Blade Raid.
: The damage of the hoop trap is lowered, and added a switch that can turn off the hoop trap.
: Tornado trap and minion damage are reduced.

– Dungeon Black Beard
: The damage of suicidal bombs is reduced, and adds burn abnormal status.
: The image condition of the bombardment trap is removed.
: Reduced the distance pushed by suicidal bombs and the bombs summoned by the boss in Blackbird Raid.

Thank you.