[Adventure] LuLu’s Support

▶ What is Lulu's Support?
The Lulu's Support is buff content you can get buff effect and rewards from the White-Wulf manager Lulu at the adventure.
You can use Lulu's Support from the [Adventure Battle Pop-up] > [Support] menu.


▶ Using Lulu's Support
Touch the support you want and click 'Use' button to try.

※ The number of available counts is automatically charged at 12 o'clock every night.
※ Lulu's Support cannot be used in duplicate.

▶ The Support Effect
While Lulu's Support is activated, you get more golds from adventure battles.


▶ Bonus
Every time you complete an adventure battle for a set number of times while Lulu's support is in effect,
You can get one of the selected bonus at random.


At the 'Bonus received' section you can check the bonuses earned from Lulu's Support.