[UPDATES] Ver 1.6.2 Updates Notes

◆ Aqua Sidestory

Aqua is engaged in research with Urbon, which is broken by Dean.
Jade and Aqua's younger brother Chipu are worried about Aqua, who does not come out of the lab for days.
In the end, Chipu plans something… 

The desert sage, Aqua's sidestory is coming up.
※ From the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu, you can check the request from Aqua.

◆ The New Costumes
The new costumes of heroes are released. 
YeryungSuhwa's new costume that she wore to infiltrate the Ribbel School through the dimensional gate. 
And Occasio, who starts a new career as a trainee teacher in Ribbel Magic School.

◆ Lulu's Support
New buff system Lulu's Support is newly added. 
With Lulu's support, you can get clearing rewards buff and a special bonus from Lulu. 
Let's take a journey with the support from Lulu the White-Wulf Manager. 

◆ The Expedition
The Expedition system that makes challenging content easier is added.
By sending an expedition, you can get clearing rewards even if you do not fight the battle.
Send your Expedition to the Mission, Raids, and Domain Defense battles. 

◆ Japanese Voice Added
Japanese voice dubbing and title theme are newly added. 
Meet the heroes of the Balam with top class Japanese voice actors. 

◆ The Rune Refinery Renovated
The Rune Refinery is renovated. And new magic rune crafting is added. 
Get the Runes from newly renovated Rune Refinery. 

◆ The Infinite Fortress Improvements and Rebalancing

– You can check the heroes by moving left and right at the lobby. Equipped costumes and victory motions are applied.
– The damage from the dust area to the heroes or enemies increases. 
– Human-typed monsters are replaced to monster-typed.
– The 4, 7, 10, 14, 18, 22 level's difficulty increase. 
– The buff box effect that is dropped when the boss monster is killed is enhanced, and the duration is increased.
– The cannon is changed to give damage proportional to the maximum HP of the target.
– You can skip some levels according to the score you receive by deploying defense squad.
– The Infinite Fortress's unlock point changed from the Grave of Bitter Grief to the Forbidden prison. 

※ When the update is patched, the number of counts of the Infinite Fortress will be reseted.

◆ The Adventure Improvements and Changes

– A Hero piece reward for one hero among the squad has been added in all chapters.
– Team level restrictions are removed from Adventure. 
– The monster hunting battle is removed and you can get more rewards from Lulu's support.
– All of the sub-area adventures will reward the same amount of golds.

◆ The Alchemy Improvement and Rebalancing
* Improvements
1) You will get push alarm when the alchemy is completed.
2) The alarm will be displayed at the Village when the Alchemy is completed. 

3) Now you can remove the deployed heroes at once. ​

* Rebalancing
– The consuming time for the Essences Alchemy and Low Upgrade Stones reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours. 
  And obtaining amount and materials for Alchemy are adjusted at 50% for the shortened time.

※ On-going alchemy or not-received alchemy rewards will be given through the Mailbox at once.

◆ The Real-Time Information Added
The feature that you can check the damage/defense/restore amount during the battle is added.
You can set this feature on from the Option > Battle menu. 

※ This feature is not supported for Colosseum battle. 

◆ Balance Change of Some Heroes
Some heroes' balance will be changed. 

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.

◆ Some Content Improvements and Difficulty Changes
– The recommended combat power reduced for Inferno level of the Missions. 
– The recommended combat power for 7 level or higher for Brumoor, Krogas, Jungle Urbons, Onis slightly reduced. 
– The recommended combat power for Draikon, Fallen Gigas slightly reduced. 
– The Limited time system for connecting heroes at the Inn is removed. 
– The maximum selectable number of upgrade materials increases to 20 at the Forge and Rune refinery. 

◆ Some Changes at the Shop
– The food and the number of the daily purchase at the Raidshop are slightly reduced.
– The Low Upgrade Stone is removed from the Wandering Shop. 


◆ ETC Improvements and Changes
– The bug that you couldn't re-join the single raid battle after the connection is lost is fixed. 
– The bug that UI display disappeared intermittently at potential&option modifying is fixed. 
– The bug that AI hero doesn't move at the moment that the alarm of Worldboss Morax appears is fixed. 
– The bug hero printed all black after unlocking hiding skill is fixed.
– The bug that grace's skill 'Multi-stab' intermittently targets the air, not the enemy is fixed. 
– The bug that the hero under 6-star grade displayed as 6-star grade hero is fixed. 
– The bug that plays latest BGM not the ambience sounds at the Eldorn is fixed. 
– After completing the battle request, when you move to the inn, the completed battle request will be displayed.
– The bug that skill effects for healing didn't match to the hero's position is fixed.
– The bug that playing different hero's voice at the Hero Info view is fixed. 
– The bug that the camera didn't move when you hire only mercenaries for real-time battle is fixed. 
– The bug that hero rating system missing the new data is fixed
– The optimization has done to make the game smoother even under unstable network conditions.
– The bug that hero's combat power didn't match to level-up pop-up is fixed.
– The bug that the amount of Aqua's crossbow healing in real-time combat was not counted in the battle is fixed.
– When a play left alone during a real-time battle with more than 2 players,
   the bug that the users could play with full-auto mode is fixed.
– The UI display and loading optimization have done.
– The difficulty 'Easy ~ Inferno' system changes to 'level 1 ~ level 60' system.
– Opening theme will be changed to [Silver Lining (feat. Raon Lee)].

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.
※ Updates may change depending on the circumstances.

Thank you.