[Notice] Worldboss Balance Improvements and Changes

The Worldboss is changed and some changes applied to Worldboss. 

For more details, check down below. 

◆ Worldboss Change Schedule
– 2019. 03. 24 (sun) 8pm ~ until separate notice.
– 10 munites after Worldboss Agares disappears, Morax will appear. 

◆ Improvements and few Changes
– Gargoyle statue will be removed from Worldboss.
– Inferno Lv.7 will be added.

– The spiderlings won't appear during battle.
– The fly holes won't appear during battle.
– The maggots won't be summoned anymore from the all-round damage skill that Agares used to use in Inferno difficulty level after transformation.
– All-round damage skill is changed so that it deals damage by 20% of maximum HP each time.

※ The number of available clear count of Worldboss will be updated every day at 8:00 pm as usual.