[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.8 Updates Notes


◆ New Hero, Princess of the Kingdom lost in the sand ‘Isha’
Don't you wonder why she lost her country and her family and wanders around the rugged land of Iubar?
Princess of the Kingdom lost deep in the sand, Isha is waiting for you.



◆ Jango's Sidestory

After HwangSeongik who had revived the Gwangsung Consortium passed away, Empyrean started to keep Gwangsung Consortium in check.
Jango is dedicated to protecting HwangBopae and Gwangsung Consortium and to repay Hwang Sung-ik's kindness.
The Gwangsung's Shield, Jango's sidestory is coming up.
※ You can check his story from the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu.



◆ The New Costumes
The new costumes of heroes are released.
Wolyeong's new outfit that she wore to infiltrate the Ribbel Magic School,
Jade's new outfit, she wore when she was sent to the Ribbell Magic School for magic and technology exchange.


◆ The New Dungeon Raid
Julia's nemesis, Blackbeard appears in Dungeon Raid battle.
Take advantage of the obstacles and beat the Blackbeard.



◆ The Infinite Fortress
The new battle content, ‘Infinite Fortress’ newly opens.
In the Infinite Fortress, the battle continues until all the combatants are down.
Not just monsters of Balam but also other White-Wulves appear as enemies to beat you down.
Form the best squad as you can and fight against them!


◆ New Alchemy/Cooking/Meal
At the renovated Ella's Inn, you can experience the fun of growing heroes through easier and simpler Alchemy, Cooking, and Meal system.

1) Alchemy
You can choose an Alchemy Design and proceed it. It takes time to alchemize and at least one hero need to be deployed.
With all the slots filled with heroes and designs, you can easily and conveniently manage your Alchemizing with 'Alchemize all' function.
※ If you place a hero with a high grade or awaken level, the amount of Alchemy compensation will increase.


2) Cooking
You can make food items using ingredients. The foods used to provide buff effects. But now through the meals, you can grow the hero's stats.
※ Existing food items will be removed. Unused food items will be paid back in maintenance check with the gold and materials.

3) Meal
The newly designed Meal menu can raise the stats of your heroes.
Through this menu, you will create a more intimate relationship with the heroes.

◆ The Hero Position Information
The hero position information will be added to Training > Info menu

◆ Connect Apple Game Center Achievements
When playing a game in an iOS Game Center linked account, some achievements will be linked to the achievements of the game center.


◆ Colosseum Time Buff Effects Improvements
The time buff effects of Colosseum will be changed like below.


◆ A Few Changes in the Shop and Forge
– An available number of purchase Alchemy/Cooking ingredients in Raid Shop increases.
– Essences and Upgrade Stone are added to the Wandering Shop.
– Trait material and equipment upgrade material are added to the Honor Shop.
– The set armor and exclusive weapon are excluded from the Honor Shop and these are added to the Forge.
– Different materials and daily available purchase count of Honor Shop are increased.
– Now you can craft Salvation Dragon Knight Armor from the Forge.
– Now you can craft Brooch Accessory from the Forge.

◆ Adventure Difficulty Balance Changes
– The difficulty of the solo battle chapter of Dean and Kael in season 2 will be changed.
– PaengGeumbo's battle balance will be changed in the 4th story stage of the Crimson Temple.
– BaekLicheon and JaegalMageon's battle balance will be changed in the 6th story stage of the Crimson Temple.
– Markon, Dice and Reinhardt's battle balance will be changed in the 4th~7th story stage of the Rasben.
– Reinhardt and Occasio's battle balance will be changed in the 2th~8th story stage of Castle Caman.



◆ Renewed Worldboss
– Through the updates, the performance and difficulty of the Worldboss will be adjusted and Morax will appear.
※ We will notify you of the Worldboss changes and Morax in a separate notice.

◆ The Rewards Increase and Other Improvements
1) The Honor Points Rewards Increase
– Ranking Honor points rewards in the Colosseum increase.
– You can get extra rewards through the ranking of Infinite Fortress.

2) Gold Rewards Increase
– The rewards from the nightmare level or below of the Carriage Escort increase.
– You can get extra golds through the ranking of Infinite Fortress.

3) Daily Achievement Energy Rewards Increase
– The connecting rewards you could get from a daily achievement menu increase.

※ The rewards increase will be applied after the update check.



◆ Change the Name of Some Stats
– The term 'Reduce' change to 'Defense' after updates.

※ For more details, we will notify you with a separate notice.


◆ Other improvements and Fixes
– The Quick Chat feature is added to the Square and Guild Camp.
– The ultimate skill of Wolyung can be used regardless of HP now.
– In pause mode, by selecting the hero, you can check their Element, Basic Attack, Skill Atack.
– In the Training menu, If you touch [Workshop] > [Salvage] button, now you will move to the Refine Runes menu not the Forge menu.
– The bug that heroes used to stuck in between the towels intermittently during the Domain Defense battleis fixed.
– The bug that you could use Trap Grenade skill of Jade from outside of the screen is fixed.
– The graphic and UI errors in Gladiator Battle are fixed.
– The bug that minions of heroes didn't attack the enemies intermittently is fixed.
– The bug that showing warning message and attacking wrong spots in the Attack! Brumoor battle are fixed.
– For optimizing issue, the hero's portrait in the battle UI changes to use 2D portrait.
– The tutorials are updated for newly added content.
– You can accept and proceed daily request on weekends now.
– The maximum level of the Alchemist goes up to Lv.30 from Lv.20.
– Tiger Ancient Rune summoning package, Knight Hero Set armor package, Magical Hero Set armor package are no longer available for purchase.

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.
※ Updates may change depending on the circumstances.

Thank you.