[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.4 Updates Notes


◆ A New Hero, Desert Sage 'Aqua'
Aqua, who made war weapon Urbon and witnessed the tragedy.
Don't you want to know about the story of Aqua and the war machine Urborn?
The Desert Sage, Aqua is waiting for you. 

◆ MaSeolin's Side Story

MaSeolin traces Jawoon and reaches the Crimson Temple. 
However, it was not Jawoon who was waiting for MaSeolin in the Crimson Temple. 
MaSeolin got another problem with her constant tracking.
Come check the story of MaSeolin the Blue Fox. 

※ From the Inn > Request > Sidestory menu, you can check her story. 

◆ New Costumes
New costumes of heroes have been released.
Meet Gwen, the guardian of sanctuary. 
And reincarnated JaegalMageon, who has reconstructed his body as a human being.

◆ The Additional Improvements of the Colosseum
An AI setting function is added to set hero's target and action.
6 elemental traits and awakening skills are applied to the Colosseum, allowing for more strategic battle.
1) Target Settings
 : This is the function that allows the hero to set the attack target.
   Each target setting consumes the cost, and you can not set targets beyond the limit

2) Action Settings
 : You can set the hero's action according to the situation that occurs during the battle.

※ The rechallenge in the Colosseum is not included in the record.
※ For more details, we will guide you through the new Coliseum Guide.

◆ The Opening of The Rune Refinery
The Forge changed name to the Workshop. 
NPC Verdandi is waiting for you at the Rune Refinery. 

◆ Error Fix and Other Improvements
– A quit button is added to the Square and Guild camp.
– The Element icon used to disappear from the Hero Training and Hero Book menu intermittently. This bug is fixed. 
– When you enter the Domain Defense, the recent level of difficulty is automatically selected. 
– Even trial counts for Domain Defense still remains, the notification icon was not displayed intermittently. This bug is fixed. 
– In Dungeon Desert Blade Raid, character couldn't move from some specific spot. This bug is fixed. 
– When you invite someone to the Raid, the Sort button in the invitation pop-up didn't work.
   This bug is fixed and now the Sort button displays whole channel menu. 
– When you touch the Beast Transformation skill of Iri in pause mode, a skill information of Beast Transformation appeared. This bug is fixed. 
– In the Blitz, available battle counts and remaining time for refreshment didn't appear. This bug is fixed. 
– In the chat, some of the effects of the Acient Rune equipment notification pop-up was overlapped. This bug is fixed.
– The notification icon for upgrade-available equipment only appears on Tier Up tab.


– The new Alchemy/Cooking system has been excluded from the update due to development issues, It will be included in the next updates.
  This has been delayed so we can provide better quality and we will do our best to update it as soon as possible.
– For stable server circumstance, CANADA server region change to US-East. And the server data will be moved,

※ For more details, we will guide you through the new Coliseum Guide.
※ Details of the updates can be changed depending on the situation.

Thank you.