[UPDATES] Ver 1.5.3 Updates Notes


◆ PaengGeumbo Side Story Adamantine External Style Master, PaengGeumbo.
There was a close companion watching him trying to build the country for the Beastkins…
※ You can check the side story of PaengGeumbo in the INN > REQUEST > SIDE STORY menu. 

◆ The New Costumes
The New costumes for the heroes are out.
Meet the Corrupted knight Dean wearing his cursed battle gear 
and Kael who was seduced to be Grand Duke by the Lord of the West. 

◆ Lunar New Year's Day! New Event Battle on Appearance
It's Lunar New Year's Day! The new event battle 'The New Year's Festival of the East Ballam' added. 
Check the new event battle and get rewards!

◆ Lulu the Manager
When you enter the Village, Lulu gives you helpful tips for the game and some chit-chat.


◆ A Makeover of the Costume Shop
From now on, you can buy the costumes with the exclusive point 'Threads'.
You can get the Threads from the exclusive charging center called 'Threads Workshop'.


◆ Improvements of the Colosseum
The opponents list exposed at once is reduced to 6 and the list can be refreshed without having battle all of them.
※ However, the battles you didn't proceed with are automatically marked as defeated and the LP is reduced when the opponent is changed.


◆ Improvements of the Element Traits, Attack Factor Pop-up
From the QuickMenu > Grow menu, you can see the details of the attack factor by touching the 'Info' button.
In addition, by touching the element traits icon you can not only check the element trait of your hero but also check the info of other elements.


◆ Improvements of the Forge
Some features were added at the Forge.
The Menu is sub-divided to be more accessible.


◆ Improvements of Options Modification System
When you modify your equipment, you can check the change of the options you selected at last.

1) If you select the existing options

2) If you select the modified options


◆ A Better Energy Indicator in Auto Battle
In auto battle mode, new system indicates the current energy.

◆ Bug Fix and Revisions
– Bug fixed: When you have YeryungSuhwa and JegalWoon in your squad, sometimes JegalWoon's skill 'Sharp Charge' was unable to use. 
– Bug fixed: On the available raids window, the guild mark of the user who made the raids was exposed as basic guild mark. 
– Bug fixed: In a normal raid, some rewards, such as hero pieces were provided incorrectly. 
– Bug fixed: From time to time, you couldn't re-connect to the raid battle you quited during the game. 
– Bug fixed: AI heroes used to get stuck in between towers in the Domain Defense battles. 
– Revision: You can check the basic attack, skill attack from other menu besides Hero Training menu.
– Revision: The emoticons registered in Quick-chat are not changed in the order in which they are used..
– Revision: The difficulty level of JegalMageon, HwangBopae are fixed.