[GUIDE] I want to upgrade the potential of my equipments.


Q. I want to upgrade the potential of my equipments.

A. From the [Workshop] > [Forge Equipment] or [Refine Runes] menu, you can modify the potential of your equipment.
With Mana Shards, some Gold and Crystals, you can choose the options that you want to modify.

※ Each option has a different modification success rate depending on its potential grade.


If you fail to modify the potential, the durability of potential modification is reduced.
Once its durability is all exhausted, durability recovery pop-up will appear and you can recover its durability.


In order to modify the potential of the equipment beyond a certain level,
it is necessary to complete the transcendence.
At this time, you need the identical equipment as a additional material.

※ For treasures, Ancient Runes, and Talismans(potential level 60 or more),
   the other Equipment and Runes(potential level 75 or more) can modify the potential to the maximum level with identical equipment.