[GUIDE] I want to change the options of the equipment.


Q. I want to change the options of the equipment. ​

A. From the [Workshop] > [Forge Equipment] or [Refine Runes] menu, you can modify the options of the equipment.


For modifying the equipment, you need a Crest of modification, Lava Rock, Essence.
And after modification, the option’s potential goes down to a C-grade and the durability is reduced.

※ When the durability of the option modification is exhausted, the durability can not be recovered.

After the option modification, you can choose between the options before modification and options after modification.
If the game is terminated before you choose the options, go to the Forge menu to choose the options again.

The mileage will be given when you select the same option as before the option upgrade.
And once the mileage is full you will be able to make one option upgrade without durability.