[Community] Friend




▶ What is Friend menu for?

This is a community function that allows you to send energy to your friends, share your raid clear rewards, and hire each other’s heroes at Worldboss.




▶ Become Friends

In ‘Community > Friends’, you can be friends with other White-Wulves, and you can request to be friends from ‘Friend Request’ menu or the friend search function.




▶ Friends List

In “Friends List,” you can give energy to registered friends through “Friendship Gifts.”

In addition, you can hire mercenaries as a hero of the friends registered on the list of friends at the World boss. And when your friends clear the raid battle, you can get rewards in certain probability. This reward will be paid to the ‘Shared Reward Chest’.

※ You only can register friends on your list up to a maximum of five.




▶ Shared Reward Chest

Shared Reward Chest is a menu where a friend’s clear reward is paid in certain probability when your friends clear the raid.

Rewards kept in the Shared Reward Chest will expire if you do not received within 24 hours.

Expired rewards are no longer available and can be removed by touching the ‘Remove Expired Rewards’ button.

If the compensation in the Shared Reward Chest is full to the maximum, the compensation will no longer be paid.