[UPDATE] Ver 1.5.1 Updates Notes


◆ New Hero, the Painter of the Soul ‘YeryungSuhwa’
Aren't you curious why she suddenly disappeared from the Imperior palace of Empyrean?
Meet the leader of the secret organization, Heaven's Watchers.

◆ Varia Side story

Varia fights with Gwen and JegalWoon to put out the wildfire in the Haunted Forest. 
The battle of the day leaves a small spark in Varia's heart.
Check out the side story of Varia. The Guardian of the Haunted Forest

※ You can check the side story of Varia in the INN > REQUEST > SIDE STORY menu. 

◆ Mission Level Added
The maximum level of mission is expanded from Inferno Lv.30 to Inferno Lv.35

◆ New Level Added on Blitz
Higher level added on Blitz (Fallen Gigas, Draikon). Fewer Blitz battles need to be repeated every day.

◆ New Domain Defense Added
The Hideout of the Parrot Pirates' is newly added. The rewards you can get from Domain Defense battle is increased. 
The weekend contents 'Midnight Gateway' is removed.

◆ Monster Trait > Element Trait
The Monster Traits are reorganized to six of Element Traits (The Red Flame, The Iron Ore, The Fierce Wind, The May Dew, The Silvery Light, The Gaping Abyss)
A hero has one unique element and the elements correlate with each other.

※ The Monster Trait Level is changed to Element Traits Level and maintained.

◆ New Equipments
The 8th equipment Talisman which has been locked up, is newly presented.
You can only obtain Talisman from Dungeon Raid / WorldBoss battles. 

◆ The Improvement of the Forge
1) The Potential Modification
When you choose one of the options and successfully modify, the potential level of the option goes up.
For modifying the potential level, you consume Mana Shards and Crystals. 

Every equipment has modification durability. 
Once its durability is all exhausted, you can restore it with crystals. 

※ 'Mana Shards' that are used for the potential modification, can be bought at the shop. 
※ Only the option that has level of the potential 75 and under can be modified.
※ Some items (Ancient rune, Treasure, Talisman) cannot be modified.

2) The Option Modification
You can change the option of the equipment to another.
After viewing the results of the modification,
you can manually select which option(before/after) applies to the equipment.

Every equipment has option modification durability. 
Once its durability is all exhausted, you cannot modify the option anymore. 

※ 'Lava Rock' that is used for the option modification, can be bought at the Raid Shop. 
※ When the option is modified, the potential grade is also changed.
※ The options of some items (Exclusive Weapon, Ancient Rune, Treasure, Talisman) cannot be modified.

◆ The Improvement of Achievements
The achievements of Adventure, Mission and Blitz are integrated with 'Energy Use' achievements.

※ Daily achievements will be initialized on the day of update and will be noticed through system maintenance notice. 

◆ The Integration of the Blitz and Domain Defense
The challenge counts of the Blitz and the Domain Defense are integrated.
In the integrated Blitz menu, each Blitz battle appears on different days of the week. 

※ The rewards have been integrated according to the number of challenges.

◆ Reorganization of New Colosseum System
The opponents list of the Colosseum increases from 5 to 11. 
You can change your opponent after proceeding the battles with 11 opponents.

When you lose the battle, you can rechallenge your opponent.
If you win the rechallenge battle, you can recover the LP that you lost. 

※ There is a limit on the number of attempts to update the opponent list and rechallenge battles.
※ Additional Colosseum reorganization will be taken place through the following update.

2) The buff system activated after a certain time in the Colosseum will be improved. 

◆ New Items at Milleage Store 
Eight items of treasure are added to the mileage store.

◆ Reorganization of World Boss
1) The world boss's 6 element traits are rotated every week. 
You can check the order of element rotation by touching the Info button next to the World boss's element image.
In addition, 7th level added in the Inferno phase.

2) You can check the rank of the attacks and damage they received in Dungeon Raid and World boss battles. 

◆ Auto-Selection of Awakning Skills
For easier setup when the hero is awoken, the default awakening skill is automatically selected.

◆ Hero Balancing
The balance of the heroes and their stats are modified.

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.

– Now you can move the employed mercenaries to specific location in Raid/World boss battles. 
– When you use Jade's trap grenade to eliminate the monsters at one go, from time to time stack of bullet-gun fire skills has not been accumulated.
  This bug is fixed now. 
– When you change the language, some words have shown without changing. This bug is fixed now. 
– In real-time battle, employed mercenaries not being exposed as MVP infrequently. This bug is fixed now. 
– The number of World Boss challenges that have not been updated in the shortcut where the item was acquired is corrected.
– The widescreen is applied for every screen. 
– The number of treasure items has not been counted at Equipment > Bag menu. This bug is fixed now.
– Now the set armor and the armor has hero equipment effects will be equiped first.
  When the conditions are same, system considers the tier and level of reinforcement, the potential level to equip automatically. 

※ We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.
※ Updates may change depending on the circumstances.