[UPDATE] Ver 1.5.0 Updates Notes

◆ A New Event on the Appearance Menu
The Christmas event 'Fight! Compete for Presents!' newly added.
Now, check out the new Christmas event and monsters!
◆ The New Costumes
The new costumes for Christmas 2018 added.
Meet Yeonhwa wearing the Guardian of Soho Palace,
And Lily with the year-end party costume of the Khun that never let a baby cry!
◆ New Way of Using Emoticons
When you click on the quick-chat, the emoticons that you recently used appear first now.
◆ The Detailed Info of Your Friends
You can check the detailed information like stats, item, skill of your friends' heroes by touching the icon bottom left.
Also, at Guild Camp, you can check detailed information about your guildsmen.

◆ Error Fix and Improvement
– The error that you didn't have a resume button UI when you pause the battle in Domain Defense is fixed.
– The error that you can't scroll just after you downloaded the game is fixed.
– The error that didn't refresh the holding amount of the products automatically after you bought the ingredients is fixed.
– The error on the description of Markon' skill 'The Blessing of God' is fixed.
   '…If Markon makes a basic attack while…' → '…If Markon makes an attack while…'
– The error that shows the Ancient Rune trait UI when you chose Magic Rune's potential UI is fixed.
– The error that shows higher stats than actual stats of your friends' battle power is fixed.
– The movement synchronization related error that occurred in the square is fixed.
– The auto-equiping system separates Hero Equip effects, tier and potential rating to be smarter.
– The list of recommended equipment for some heroes have changed.
– Frequent crash errors are fixed for iPhone 6/6+ devices.