[PvP] Colosseum

▶ What is the Colosseum?
This is PvP content that competes against other users in 5 vs 5.
You can enter from the [Quick Menu] > [Colosseum] menu.
Depending on the result of the victory, the LP (League point) will be increased and the LP will be ranked within the tier.

▶ Forming the Colosseum Squad
Coliseum squad can be organized at the entrance to the Colosseum.
A total of six squads are classified.
1) Defense1, Defense2, Defense3 Squads
These squads defend attacks from other squads.
You can specify one of the three defense units to defend against the opponent’s attack.

2) Attack1, Attack2, Attack3 Squads
These squads attack other squads.
You can choose from one of the three squads you have set up in advance.
You can change the character’ position by dragging the character to the desired location.

3) AI Settings
You can set the target of your heroes or setup the AI action of your heroes.

– Target Settings
   : You can set enemy hero as target and proceed the battle.
     Each target setup consumes a certain cost. And you can't set the target beyond the cost.

* Target Settings Rule
: Heroes choose their first attack target based on their target settings.
A certain amount of time later, system re-checks the attack target and change the target if the enemy that matches the conditions of the target.
– Close enemy : The closest enemy becomes the target.
– High ATK Enemy : The enemy has the highest attack becomes the target.
– High DEF Enemy : The enemy with the highest total physical defense and magical defense becomes the target.
– Supporting Enemy : The enemy that has the most abilities, such as giving the hero a beneficial effect or active skills can heal HP becomes the target.
– Interrupting Enemy : The enemy that has the most abilities, such as giving the hero a C.C or Abnormal Status becomes the target.
– Low HP Enemy : The enemy has lowest HP becomes the target.
– Protect Allies : Except yourself, check the allies selected as targets by the enemy. Identify the target that has the highest attack. The enemy set him as his target becomes my target.
– Protect Yourself : The enemy set me as his target becomes my target.

– Action Setup
   : Determines the action of a hero when certain conditions occur during a battle.

* Action Setup Rule
: Determines the action of a hero when certain conditions occur during a battle.
– Don't change the target until the target falls : Re-confirm attack targets only if the target is killed or hidden away.
– Retreat when HP is low : If you have less than 30% of HP, you retreat near an ally with recovery skills.
The priority of the ally to be moved is as follows.
  1) The ally has the most recovery active skills
  2) The ally has the most active skills that give beneficial effects.
If there are multiple allies meeting the conditions, move to the nearest ally.
If, there is no ally meeting the conditions, just move to the nearest ally.  


▶ Setting up the Coliseum Leader
You can set up a lead hero in each squad.
A hero who has been set up as a leader can use the skill immediately at the start of the Colosseum Battle without a cool time.
Before the Colosseum battle, you don’t know the leader of the opponent’s team,
so selecting leaders and organizing your squad are important to catch opponents off guard.


▶ Assigning Colosseum Tier
You can be assigned by pressing [Start Assigning Tier] button.

Tier is assigned to one of the following seven tiers based on the combat power of the attacking squad.

After 30 minutes you will be able to receive the tier relocation and the LP you got so far will be initialized.
▶ Renewing Colosseum Opponents
The opponent will be displayed with 5 people within the same tier and can be renewed for free once every 30 minutes.
You also can instantly renew your opponents with 50 crystals.


▶ Entering Colosseum Battle

In the Colosseum lobby, you can compare the opponent’s squad and enter the battle.
However, the opponent’s lead hero will not be known until you enter battle.

By touching the hero information button before entering battle, you can compare the combat power of your opponent and my hero.

▶ Colosseum Battle

Once you get into the battle, the opponent’s defense squad will compete with your squad for up to 3 minutes.
In the Battle of the Colosseum, heroes’ targets are chosen as follows:
– The lower the combat power, the higher priority of being a target.
– The closer the enemy is, the higher the priority of being a target.
– In case two enemies are in the same distance, the one with higher combat power has priority of being a target.
The target selection and target change rules can be differed based on attack type and class.
In the Battle of the Colosseum, every hero has the following effect:
– 100% more HP
– 60% less damage, 60% less recovery, 50% less barrier
– Attack increases and defenses decreases over time after the battle.

During the battle, You can change the battle speed with the – + button.
The Info button allows you to turn on/off the demage, heal display.
At the end of the battle, the LP will be acquired according to the win or loss.
– If you win, You get 20~40 LP
– If you lose, You get 10~20 LP
You’ll get a better chance if you analyze the opponent’s squad and strategically deploy your heroes.

▶ Colosseum Reward
You can earn the honor as a reward every day.
Honor reward is set based on the ranking record in the tier recorded at 12:00 p.m. the night before.