[Rune] Magic Item Rune


▶ What is the Rune?
The Rune is a mysterious magic item that increases a hero’s stat or gives him secondary traits.
You can put on the Rune from the [Quick Menu] > [Hero] > [Training] > [Rune] menu.

▶ Type of the Runes
The Rune is divided into Magic Rune, Ancient Rune.
Combine Magic Rune with Ancient Rune and make your own set of Rune for my heroes!
– Magic Rune
  Magic Rune has a mysterious effect that strengthens a hero’s stat.
  You can use it to make up for the drawbacks of hero’s stat.

Ancient Rune
Ancient Rune can give my hero special secondary traits.
  In a good combination, you can get an explosive effect.

▶ Rune Upgrade
Like equipment items, Runes can be upgraded in the blacksmith’s section to increase the stat.