[Community] Guild

▶ What is the Guild?
You can meet other Baeknangs to form a group here.
You can proceed from the [Quick menu] > [Community] > [Guild] menu.
▶ Join Guild & Create Guild
When entering the guild menu, you can sign up or create your own guild by selecting it from the recommendation list.
Your team level should be 20 or higher to create a guild.
▶ Managing Guild
In the Manage menu, you can change join criteria or grant a position.
The guild can be increased from 21 at startup to up to 30 based on the guild level.
Guild level increases with guild members’ activities.

▶ Guild Camp
The guild is provided with a dedicated camp where Guild members can meet in real time.
Guild camp can be decorated with decorations, so make your Guild camp look better!

▶ Guild Achievement
When you achieve Guild Achievement, (guild Mark, camp, decoration etc…)
you can get guild marks, camp decorations, etc.
Why don’t we all work together and make it the best guild?

▶ Guild Ranking
The guild ranking is determined by the sum of all guild member’s scores.
Guild members can receive guild coins according to their rank on a daily basis.
You can purchase various items at the Guild Store.