[Raid] Raid Station


▶ What is Raid Station?

The Raid Station is the space to organize a party before Raid battle.
You can enter from the [Raid] > [Raid Station] menu.


▶ How to create Raid room?

When you select a raid to challenge, a detailed information window will appear.
You can choose whether or not the room is open when you create a room.


When you create a Raid room, you can select either Single Play Mode or Multi Play Mode.

※ Single Play Mode allows you to play comfortably even in a poor internet environment.


▶ How to invite and hire mercenaries?

Users who create a room can invite and hire mercenaries by touching the empty party member slot.


1) Invitation
You can invite specific users by searching directly for friends, users in the plaza, or nicknames.
When invited users accept, they join the party.


2) Hiring Mercenaries / Elite Mercenaries
This is an AI hero who can be hired immediately with some cost.
Employment costs will be paid at the start of the battle and will disappear after battle.


▶ Raid Battle
When all party members are ready, the Room master can proceed to battle.