[Battle] Control 1


▶ Move
Touch & drag the blank in the screen to move the unit in the desired direction.

You can also touch the AUTO button on the upper right to move automatically.
1) AUTO MOVE: It enables your squad moves automatically.
2) AUTO FULL: It enables your squad move and use skills automatically. It is only available after you clear a stage.

▶ Replace the leader
You can replace the leader by touching the portrait of the hero, not the current leader.

▶ Normal Attack
When there is a monster nearby, the Normal attack is deployed automatically.
Also, if you press the attack button in the lower right corner, the lead hero will make a normal attack.

▶ Skill Attack
1) Use Skill
You can use the skill by touching the skill button of the leader.

If it is a launchable skill, you can launch a skill attack in any direction by dragging the skill button.

If a blue gauge occurs on the border after the skill is used, the secondary skill effect will be triggered on touch.

2) Cancel Skill
If you want to cancel the use of the skill, while the skill button touched, just drag the finger away.