Customer Center Representative’s Civil Rights Policy Enforcement


Hello! This is Cravemob team!

For all the questions you have about our game.
We have 1: 1 customer center through e-mail. (

However, recently some users are abusing the anonymity of their emails. 
There are growing numbers of intimidating and abusive messages that violate the human rights of our counselors.

In order to protect the human rights of counselors,
We, Crave Mob, implement customer center operation policy as following from June 15, 2018

[The Customer Center counselors’s Human Rights Protection Policy]

1. The following are acts that violate the human rights of counselors:
– Questions including abuse of counselors, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, and any kind of threatening
– Inquiries with offensive words, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, and any kind of threatening that unrelated to the work
– Interfering with counseling due to constant abuse, sexual harassment, Infringement of personality, or any kind of threatening.
– Interfering with the counseling service by words or phrases that may cause serious mental harm to the counselors.

2. If the consultant’s human rights are violated through inquiries, the consultation will be discontinued.
– Consultation will resume only when we receive inquiries that do not contain operational policy violations.

※ If the degree of violation of the human rights of the counselor is considered serious as shown in the example below,
    Please note that you may be liable for legal liability.

1) Abusing, insulting, or abusive use of the counselor’s appearance or specific body parts
2) Asking a counselor for a private meeting or involving a lewd joke
3) Sexual orientated , abusive, or abusive use of counselor’s family members
4) Showing images such as photographs that may give the counselor a sexual humiliation.
5) Anything that can give the counselor have a sexual aversion or shame
E-mail inquiries will be answered within 2 business days.
However, consultation may be suspended if the user violates the policy for human rights protection policy.
We will always do our best for a kind and prompt consultation.
Thank you.