If the access restriction window is opened due to the refund abuse


We notify you about the Google Play Store refund abuse.

Google Play Store’s Refund policy says if you have a problem with your purchased products and cannot cotact to the developer,
the refund can be made within 48 hours of the purchase.

We comply with the Google policy and when you have a problem with the purchase,
The customer center provides recovery and refund processing for the product.

However, despite using the product without any problem
Some users are trying to cancel a payment by exploiting Google’s refund policy.

For this issue we’re having, Google’s head office recommends the following solutions:

Recently we have learned there are increasing number of users who try to abuse our customer support team's refund policy, trying to receive digital contents without paying money. We are currently working hard to reduce this problem as soon as possible. At the same time, if you are able to identify abusing users, we encourage you to provide some penalty to those users in your service, such as removing some items from those users' account, or rejecting access to your service from those abusing users.

Following Google headquarter’s guideline, we conduct our own Inspection.
And we inform you that
the restriction will be carried out without warning to users who have exploited the refund policy.

This action will prevent all users who are using the game normally from causing relative damage.
Please understand that we are working on create a fair gaming environment.

If you have been subjected to Restricted Abuse Restrictions, but you have objections,
Please contact us by e-mail.
– Account Name
– Inquiry
– Screenshot of the receipt of the refunded product

☞ Cumstomer Center : help@cravemob.net

▶ How to withdraw the subscription?

If you want to withdraw your subscription and get refund, 
Please report us as following bellow without using the products you bought.

☞ How to send an inquiry of withdraw a subscription and refund

We will do our best to create a fair gaming environment through regular inspectations and restrictions.
Thank you.