How to register cancellation and refund inquiries


Refund processing is only possible if the following criteria is met in accordance with the withdrawal of a subscription policy.

1. You should request a refund within 7 days from the time of payment
2. You must not use the product after payment
3. The item you bought should be possible to be cancelled

If you want to refund the product after payment, enter the request form below
and Please register 1:1 inquiry by email.

■ Contact

■ The request to refund
– Team name in the game :
– Member number: 
– Payment date:
– Payment store : (ex. Google Play Store)
– Store account (mail) address:
– Payment product:
– Payment amount:
– Cell phone number
– Cell phone owner
– Reason for refund

※ Please check this post [How to check member number?] for checking your member number. 
※ If the above items are omitted, it is difficult to process.
※ If you don’t process through the Customer Center, you may be restricted from using the game.