If an error occurs while downloading or playing the game


If you encounter errors during a game, we recommend you delete the cache/data and reinstall the game.
If the same trouble remains after re-installing the game, enter the error check request form below
and please send us 1:1 inquiry by e-mail.

if you’re not linked to Google, Facebook, and Naver accounts,
and re-install / log-out / withdrawal from the game after delete cache/data 
All the game information, including items you purchased for a fee, will be initialized.

■ How to check for game errors
1. Re-install the game after delete cache/data 
2. If the same trouble occurs again after re-install, Please fill this form and send us inquiry by e-mail.

■ Contact

■ Request to check the Game Errors
– Team name in the game :
– Date of occurrence :
– Cell phone type: (ex. Galaxy S6)
– OS version: (ex. Android 4.4.4)
– Details of the error:
– Screenshot

※ If the above items are omitted, it is difficult to process.