[Updates] Ver 1.8.7 Update Notes




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the Ver 1.8.7 updates.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement.




◆ The New Costumes

AkCheongwang changed into the armor reminiscent of an ancient artifact that burned countless lives in the war of the gods.
Check his new costumes throught upcoming updates.




◆ New Worldboss, Grugal

New Worldboss Grugal is unleashed in the Balam Continent.

The new Worldboss Grugal appears with powerful lightning. Defeat this new Worldboss with other White-Wulves!

※ New Worldboss Grugal will replace the existing Worldboss Agares.
※ More specific schedule will be announced separately.





◆ The New Growth Equipment Added

[T6 Treasure]
You can obtain T6 treasure at the Summon Shop. Get T6 treasure that with new design and more powerful!



[T6 Acient Rune&Magic Rune]
T6 Acient rune and magic rune can be obtained at the Summon shop.
In addition, T6 Acient rune and Magic rune can be acquired with a certain probability from the world boss battle and raids in specific difficulty level.
※ We will notify you of more details through a separate notice.




◆ Raids Difficulty Levels Added
– New difficulty level 2 for Raids will be added.
– New difficulty level 1 for Worldboss will be added.




– Fixed an issue that the animation of pets were stopped when using emotion feature at the Square.
– Fixed an issue that the guild accessary appears buried at the guild camp of ‘Lunar Sanctuary’.
– Fixed an issue that background image was not be seen at the sidestory pop-up.
– Changed not to showing the event notice popup when players move from main screen.
– Added the effects on guild marks and high medals of high ranked guilds.
– Fixed an issue that the icon was not displayed as activated even if it normally works.
– Fixed an UI error when players get into Rune upgrade screen without any runes.
– Fixed an issue that doesn’t display the effects when mission difficulty is unlocked.
– Fixed an issue that moving to login screen when selecting ‘Merc Friends’ tab in Worldboss lobby.
– Added an effects on No.1 ranked guild’s Guild mark and High medal.

Thank you.

[更新] Ver 1.8.7 更新Note





Ver 1.8.7 更新內容如下:

※ 截圖是由研發中內容擷取,畫面呈現並非一定為最終版本。
※ 所有更新事項,根據研發情況、審核限制等情況,會有增減、調整及變動的可能。
※ 更新版本經過各個平台審核後,會儘快進行發佈,詳細內容會另外通知。



◆ 全新服裝





◆ 全新世界首領——格魯嘉爾



※ 將推出全新世界首領格魯嘉爾,現有的世界首領亞蓋雷斯換成格魯嘉爾。
※ 具體登場時間會另外通知。




◆ 全新成長裝備





※ 詳細內容會另外通知。




◆ 新增團戰難易度

– 新增團戰難易度2階段。
– 新增世界首領難易度1階段。



◆ 其他改善及修正事項
– 修正在廣場使用情感表達功能時, 寵物的動畫效果停止的問題。
– 修正在“月亮的休息處”公會營地上,看起來公會裝飾被埋在地下的問題。
– 修正在外傳彈跳視窗中背景圖片不顯示的問題。
– 從主畫面跳到其他畫面時,將不會顯示活動公告彈跳視窗。
– 修正雖然部分覺醒技能正常啟動,但圖標沒有顯示啟動的問題。
– 修正在沒有符文強化石的狀態下進入符文強化畫面時發生的UI錯誤問題。
– 修正在使命難易度上看不到解鎖效果的問題
– 修正在選擇世界首領傭兵僱傭中見到的玩家標籤時,間隔性跳到登入畫面的問題。
– 公會戰第一名公會的公會標誌和上位獎章上,將加上效果。




[公告] 2月新增活動禮包說明







◆ 可購買期間
– 2020年2月16日 ~ 2020年3月15日


◆ 禮包商品
– 販賣價格:TWD 170
※ 活動武器強化石禮包一個帳號僅購買10次。


– 販賣價格:TWD 170
※ 活動防具強化石禮包一個帳號僅購買10次。


– 販賣價格:TWD 170
※ 活動符文強化石禮包一個帳號僅購買10次。


– 販賣價格:TWD 170
※ 活動飾品強化石禮包一個帳號僅購買10次。


– 販賣價格:TWD 290
※ 千萬金幣禮包一個帳號僅購買2次。

※ 販賣價格僅供參考,根據商店價格政策而有販賣價格上的變動,請以遊戲內實際價格為準。
※ 視內部情況,禮包販賣時間會有所變動。



[Notice] New Event Package Notice of February




Hello. This is LuLu!

From February 16th, add a New event package.
Please check below for details.


◆ Sales period
– February 16st ~ March 15th



◆ Package items
[Event Weapon Upgrade Stone Package]
– Price : USD 4.99
※ You can purchase ‘Event Weapon Upgrade Stone Package’ 10 times per account.


[Event Armor Upgrade Stone Package]
– Price : USD 4.99
※ You can purchase ‘Event Armor Upgrade Stone Package’ 10 times per account.


[Event Accessory Upgrade Stone Package]
– Price : USD 4.99
※ You can purchase ‘Event Accessory Upgrade Stone Package’ 10 times per account.


[Event Rune Upgrade Stone Package]
– Price : USD 4.99
※ You can purchase ‘Event Rune Upgrade Stone Package’ 10 times per account.


[10 Million Gold Package]
– Price : USD 9.99
※ You can purchase the ‘10 Million Gold Package’ 2 times per account.


※ Sales price has been written based on AOS. iOS may have a different selling price due to the App Store pricing policy.
※ Package sales schedules may change depending on internal circumstances.


Thank you.


[Event] Event Schedule on February




Hello. This is GM Lulu.

We will inform you of the events scheduled on February.
Please check the below for details.

※ The event schedule and contents may change depending on the internal situation.


◆ Event Schedule on February Notice II



[Event] Ella’s Mushron Dishes, Minigame OPEN!
◆ Date
– 2020. 2. 17 (Mon) ~ 2020. 2. 20 (Sun), 4days
– For 30 seconds, press the button that is the same color as the one in the front.
– The more accurate and fast, the higher the score!



[Event] Fatal Seduction, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 2. 21 (Fri) ~ 2020. 2. 23 (Sun), 3days
– Harpy appears at the Fatal Seduction Appearance battle.
  Challenge the Event Appearance and get tons of gold~!



[Event] The Screeching Scorch, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 2. 28 (Fri) ~ 2020. 3. 1 (Sun), 3days
– Altarf appears at the Screeching Scorch Appearance battle.


Challenge the Event Appearance and get hero pieces.

Thank you.

[活動] 2月活動日程






※ 視內部情況,活動時間及內容會有所變動。



◆ 2月的活動日程




[活動] 愛拉的蘑菇,迷你遊戲OPEN!
◆ 活動時間
– 2020年2月17日(一) ~ 2020年2月20日(四)
– 30秒內,點擊與最前面出現的蘑菇顏色相同的顏色按鈕。
– 更加準確而快速地分類,可以獲得更高點數。



[活動] 致命的誘惑,活動降臨 OPEN!
◆ 活動時間
– 2020年2月21日(五) ~ 2020年2月23日(日)
– 請立即挑戰,獲得你所渴望的大量金幣



[活動] 酷熱的呼嘯,活動降臨 OPEN!
◆ 活動時間
– 2020年2月28日(五) ~ 2020年3月1日(日)
– 酷熱的呼嘯, 請立即挑戰,獲得你所渴望的英雄碎片




[February] Developer’s Notes




Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

Today we would like to inform you about the updates scheduled on February.


[The New Costumes]

In February’s updates, AkCheongwang in the armor of ancient monster will be released.
We can’t wait to present this fearsome costumes!




[The New Growth Items]

T6 treasure, T6 Aciendt rune, Magic rune will be added.

You can summon T6 treasure and acient/magic rune from the summon shop.
T6 acient/magic runes can also be obtained with a certain probability when you clear certain contents.

Get stronger treasures and runes from February’s updates!




[New Worldboss]

A new Worldboss Grugal will released to threaten the Balam Continent.

Beat Grugal who has strong thunder skills with other White-Wulves while clearing different gimmicks.

You better watch out! The 3rd Worldboss Grugal is coming to town!




[Future Updates Direction]

■ New PvP Contents

In January, through the developer’s notes, we have informed on the development of new content.

The new PvP content currently being developed with the utmost effort to be introduced on the March updates.

You can expect on this new PvP content!

※ Please understand that due to an internal circumstances, updates and schedules may be changed.



With the end of winter, the spring of the new year is coming, but little concerned about health because of the new virus.
You should bring your masks when you go out. Please everyon take care of your health!

Thank you.



[開發人Note] 2月的開發人Note



























■ 全新 PvP 玩法




※ 視研發及內部情況,維護內容和時間會有所變動。









[活動] 情人節紀念,連續7天的登入禮物!






◆ 活動時間
– 2020年2月8日(六) ~ 2020年2月29日(六)


◆ 活動內容
– 活動時間內登入遊戲,7天都可以領取禮物。


◆ 活動禮物

※ “情人節”登入活動禮物,每天第一次登入時可以領取。
※ 只有領取當天的獎勵,才能領取第二天的獎勵。
※ “情人節登入禮物”活動時間內登入時開啟活動,活動將維持15天。