Performing server maintenance for preparing the event.



Please be advised that we will be performing server maintenance.

◆ Schedule
– US EAST : 14th (Fri) August 00:30 AM ~ 01:00 AM
– US WEST : 13th (Thu) August 9:30 PM ~ 13th (Thu) August 10:00 PM
– EUROPE : 14th (Fri) August 6:30 AM ~ 07:00 AM
– ASIA : 14th (Fri) August 1:30 PM ~ 02:00 PM
※ For protecting your game data, please shut down the game before the server maintenance.


Thank you.



[Updates] Ver 1.9.8 Update Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We will inform you of the updates Ver 1.9.8.

※ All screenshots are under development and those can be changed.
※ All updates can be added or changed depending on the development related issue or each market’s restrictions.
※ The updates will be carried out as soon as possible after review of each store. We will notify you of the details in a separate announcement. 



◆ The New Costume

MaSeolin wears her new elegant costume to infiltrate the noble party at Ribel Kingdom and assassinate the target. 
Meet Masulin’s new look in swimming suit.




◆ Tactics Battle Updates

☞ The New Summons Added

The new summons Marcon, Grace, Varia, HwangBopae, and Scarlet will appear in Tactics Battle.
Deploy these new summons and experience more exciting battles.


☞ Balance Changes

[Myrmidon Axeman]

Stat&Skill Before After
Power Strike I Ult (Cooldown time : 4 Turn)
Enemy I Damage 300.0%
Enemy I Mark 1 Turn (Chance 100%)
(Cooldown time : 4 Turn)
Enemy I Damage 300.0%
Enemy I Mark 3 Turn (Chance 100%) 



Stat&Skill Before After
ATK Speed 1019 1017
Healing Hand I Passive When the turn begins
Ally with the lowest HP I Recover HP 5.0% (Chance 100%)
Self I Weaken Immunity
When the turn begins
Ally with the lowest HP I Recover HP 5.0% (Chance 100%)



Stat&Skill Before After
Satin I Ult (Cooldown time : 5 Turn) (Cooldown time : 4 Turn)



☞ Changes
– You can conveniently categorize and select heroes.
– The stat information of the time bomb skill and shield effect will be specifically displayed.
– The probability information of the harmful effects that were displayed as 100% in Tactics Battle will changed to 85%.
※ This change is caused by the fact that the maximum probability due to the minimum resistivity correction is 85%, only the probability information display has been modified for a more intuitive understanding.
※ Please note that there is no change in the probability of applying skills in real battles.




◆ Guild War Changes

The number of available challenge count will be changed to 2 to reduce the fatigue of participating in Guild War.

In addition, the fortress that has been attacked cannot be attacked again. So more strategic guild battles can be achieved.

※ As the number of guild battle challenges decreases, the amount of guild battle points paid will be adjusted.
※ This change will be applied from the new season starting on August 24th.




◆ Worldboss Available Challenge Count Change

The number of World Boss available challenges, which many White-Wulves have sent feedback for change, will be adjusted to 2 times.

※ As the number of World Boss challenges decreases, the amount and probability of World Boss rewards will be adjusted.
※ This adjustment will be applied from 8:00 PM, which comes after the updates.
※ After the updates, the number of challenges will be reset.




◆ Free Charging Station Item Added

Elium will be added as a reward for viewing ADs at Free Charging Station.

Get the equipment crafting material Elium by watching the advertisement.




– An issue that the leader skill is canceled when a summon is resurrected in the Tactics Battle has fixed.
– Some types of monsters that were difficult or impossible to defeat have been changed.
※ The number of previously defeated monster kills will maintained.

Thank you.



[更新] Ver 1.9.8 更新Note




Ver 1.9.8 更新內容如下:

※ 所有更新事項,根據研發情況、審核限制等情況,會有增減、調整及變動的可能。
※ 更新版本經過各個平台審核後,會儘快進行發佈,詳細內容會另外通知。 



◆ 全新服裝





◆ 戰術對決更新

☞ 新增召喚獸



☞ 戰術對決平衡性變更事項 


強力的一擊 I 終極技 (等待時間 : 4回合)
敵人 I 傷害 300.0%
敵人 I 標記 1回合(概率100%)
(等待時間 : 4回合)
敵人 I 傷害 300.0%
敵人 I 標記 3回合 (概率100%) 



攻擊速度 1019 1017
治愈之手 I 被動技 回合開始時
體力最低的我軍 I 恢復HP 5.0% (概率100%)
自己 I 免疫減弱效果
體力最低的我軍 I 恢復HP 5.0% (概率100%)



閃斷 I 終極技 (等待時間 : 5回合)
(等待時間 : 4 回合)



☞ 其他改善事項
– 爲方便分類、選擇英雄,可改善其便利性。
– 詳細標記定時炸彈技能和保護膜效果的數值信息。
– 在戰術對決中顯示100%概率的有害效果的信息將被修改爲85%。
※ 因最小阻力率的修改,導致最高概率達到85%,故而僅修改概率信息標記,以便更加直觀地理解。




◆ 公會戰改善



※ 隨着挑戰’公會戰’的次數減少,將調整’公會戰’的分數支付量。
※ 挑戰’公會戰’的次數變更將從8月24日開始的新賽季開始適用。




◆ 世界首領改善


※ 隨着挑戰’世界首領’的次數減少,世界老闆的補償量和概率得到調整。
※ ‘世界首領’挑戰次數調整從更新後的晚上8點開始適用。
※ 更新後挑戰次數將初始化。




◆ 免費補充站





◆ 其他改善及修正事項

– 在’戰術對決’中蘇煥秀復活時,隊長技能被解除的現象將被修正。
– 部分難以達成或無法實現的磨損處理業績的磨損種類將被變更。
※ 維持現有已完成的垃圾處理數量。




[Event] Set Armor Present Mission



Hello, this is GM Lulu.

‘The Set Armor Present’ event that you can get a T6 set armor selection ticket will begin.

Let’s check the details!



📢 Date
– 2020. 8. 10 ~ 8. 23



📢 Event
– If you clear various missions in event period, you can get special rewards.
– You can get event present from [Menu] > [Event] popup.



📢 Present

Mission Reward
Complete Mission T6 Set Armor Selection
Clear Mission 10 times. 30 High EXP Potion
Clear Mission 20 times. 50 High EXP Potion
Clear Mission 40 times. 70 High EXP Potion
Clear Mission 60 times. 100 High EXP Potion
Clear 5 Raids. 20,000 Raid Coin
Clear 10 Raids. 30,000 Raid Coin
Clear 20 Raids. 40,000 Raid Coin
Clear 30 Raids. 50,000 Raid Coin
Clear 3 WorldBoss. 50 Mana Shard
Clear 5 WorldBoss. 100 Mana Shard
Clear 7 WorldBoss. 150 Mana Shard
Clear 10 WorldBoss. 200 Mana Shard


‘Set Armor Present’ event lasts for 10days and after 10days, it will end.


Thank you.



[活動] 這套鎧甲 當今使命




我們準備了’這套鎧甲 當今使命’任務活動,



📢 活動時間
– 2020年8月10日 ~ 2020年8月23日



📢 活動內容
– 活動時間內完成各種使命,可以獲得特別獎勵。
– 活動禮物在達成隊伍等級後,在[選項] > [活動] 彈窗領取。



📢 活動禮物

任務 獎勵
這套鎧甲當今使命全部完成 T6套裝防具選擇券
使命完成10次 上級經驗值藥水 30個
使命完成20次 上級經驗值藥水 50個
使命完成40次 上級經驗值藥水 70個
使命完成60次 上級經驗值藥水 100個
團戰完成5次 團戰幣 20,000
團戰完成10次 團戰幣 30,000
團戰完成20次 團戰幣 40,000
團戰完成30次 團戰幣 50,000
世界首領完成3次 魔力碎片 50
世界首領完成5次 魔力碎片 100個
世界首領完成7次 魔力碎片 150個
世界首領完成10次 魔力碎片 200個


 “這套鎧甲 當今使命”活動時間內登入時開啟活動,活動將維持10天。





[August] Developer’s Notes



Hello, this is ELCHRONICLE development team.

We inform you about the updates that scheduled on August.
※ The contents of the developer’s note may be added or changed depending on the development situation.



[The New Costume]

The second summer costume we are going to present is MaSeolin’s swimming suit!
Her summer costumes will blow the heat away!



[Guildwar Changes]

Now players cannot attack same fortress over and over in order to be more strategic and fierce.

We are also reviewing various directions to reduce the fatigue of participating Guild war.



[Tactics Battle T4 Summons Added]

The new Hero-shaped T4 summon will be added.
This new T4 summon will presented to Tactics battle field with cool skills.
Come and check our new T4 summon!



[The Direction of New Updates]

☞ New Worldboss

The development team is preparing 4th Worldboss to release in ELCHRONICLE world.
We are doing our best to present this notorious creature as soon as possible. 

※ Please understand that the updates content and schedule may change due to development and internal circumstances.


Thank you.



[開發人Note] 8月的開發人Note

























☞ 全新世界首領


※ 視研發及內部情況,維護內容和時間會有所變動。





[Event] Event Schedule on August



Hello. This is GM Lulu.

We will inform you of the events scheduled on August.
Please check the below for details.

※ The event schedule and contents may change depending on the internal situation.


◆ Event Schedule on August Notice I

Date Event
08-03(Mon) ~ 06(Thu) Login Present !
– Low grade tier-up MAT
08-07(Fri) ~ 09(Sun) Fear within the Darkness, Event Appearance!
– Low Upgrade Stone
08-10(Mon) ~ 13(Thu) Login Present !
– Medium grade tier-up MAT
08-14(Fri) ~ 16(Sun) The Screeching Scorch, Event Appearance !
– Hero Pieces




[Event] Fear within the Darkness, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 8. 7 (Fri) ~ 2020. 8. 9 (Sun), 3days
– Oni appears at the Fear within the Darkness Appearance battle.
Challenge the Event Appearance and get low upgrade stones~!




[Event] The Screeching Scorch, Event Appearance Open!
◆ Date
– 2020. 8. 14 (Fri) ~ 2020. 8. 16 (Sun), 3days
– Altarf appears at the Screeching Scorch Appearance battle.




Thank you.